Why should you hire a content writer?

How can good content writing improve your business?

Finding a good webpage content writer can really help your business

When you provide content for your customers and website visitors it is important to put your best foot forward. As such, it makes sense to hire a content writer that is a skilled wordsmith and an SEO expert. Both existing and prospective clients will be impressed by content that is informative and well-written.

Social media and Google have made it easier than ever to reach your customers

Statistics show that most people visit the web when looking for answers, services and solutions to their problems. "Google it" has become an everyday phrase and made many traditional (and often time-consuming) methods of research obsolete. For maximum impact, web visibility and presence is essential for new start ups and can boost business for established brands and companies.  

Social media and online selling has made it easier than ever to reach your customers. Furthermore, a good website with valuable content can create the right impression and attract clients via Google or sites like Facebook and Twitter.

How can you make sure that your site stays in Google's good books?

A website gives people the chance to find out about your business while on the go. Smartphones and other portable devices have made finding businesses and services online more accessible but for your brand to be seen, your website must be updated regularly. Google loves sites that are constantly providing new information. While stagnate websites, no matter how good, can get left behind and find themselves on page 66 (or worse) of Google.  Before you hire a content writer make sure they understand this.

To help your site stay in Google's good books it is important to have content that is optimised for search engines. You may have heard the term SEO (Seach Engine Optimisation) before, this applies specifically to the way your website communicates with Google. Along with keywords and several other factors SEO helps google to understand what it is your website is about, what service you are offering and, if relevant, where in the world you are located. 

Why choosing a webpage content writer who is SEO savvy is an investment

In short, if you want your website to be easily found by customers and you want to drum up new business from Google searches then you need good content. Writing excellent website content isn't just about being a good webpage content writer, it is about understanding how Google works and the best methods to get a site found. They are two separate skills that can only come with experience so while it might seem like a good idea to simply hire a good writer, it can be a very risky approach.  A skilled writer can make your business or brand sound amazing and engage readers but without SEO, it could be relegated to page 50 of Google and very few people look that far. To be blunt, there is no point in having a website filled with wonderful information, if it can't be found on Google.

As content writers and website consultants, we at Elite content writers understand SEO and we will create original content that is optimised for Google and will keep your clients and prospective clients engaged. Getting the balance right is an important factor in converting website visitors into paying customers. And as we love writing, you can trust that it will be done in true wordsmith style. If you want to hire a content writer that offers value for money and an unprecedented service, contact us using the form below today.

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