Five things to consider before

you book a single parent family holiday

So you have decided to take the plunge and book your family holiday. You have bought your passports, you have your credit card ready and you are raring to go. But what do you need to consider before you make a decision? And actually how do you book a holiday? Booking a  family holiday is the easy bit. But you need to make sure that you choose the right hotel, the right flights and a resort that will keep the kids entertained. So, where do we start? Well, here's a few things you should do before you book a holiday. 

1. Consider how far the resort is from the airport 

It might sound silly but considering that you will have been travelling for hours and you will all be tired, it is worth taking into consideration. If you have a long flight and young children try and book somewhere close to the destination airport. Some resorts are a few hours away from the airport and excess travelling could leave your little ones (and you) cranky. Ask the travel agent or look online to find out how far it is from the airport. Also make sure you bring some things to keep the kids entertained on the flight especially if you are travelling with a budget airline. 

2. What about kids' club holidays?

If you want a break as well as the kids then it might be worth looking at kids' club holidays. Many family hotels offer children's holiday clubs as part of their service at no extra cost. Some are only for a few hours a day and most are flexible so the kids don't have to go everyday. But it will keep them entertained while you have a break and top up your tan. Even if they don't have kids clubs check what their animation program is like. They might have activities throughout the day for kids. It is worth trying to book somewhere with evening entertainment too as it will end up costing you more in the long run. It isn't always cheesy Elvis tributes either. I have seen parrot shows, magic acts and reptile shows on some of our holidays. They are great fun. 

3. How far is the beach?

If you are going on a beach break you will probably want to visit the beach at some point. If you do it is worth checking how far it is from the hotel and whether it is suitable for kids. Some are gritty and others have very deep water so check in advance. 

4. All inclusive, self catering, room only, bed and breakfast or half board?

Decisions, decisions. I have done all of these at some point in my travels. All inclusive costs more upfront but is cheaper in the long run, because all food,drink, activities and entertainment is included. However if you are going to a country where the pound is strong or eating out is cheap then it might be better to choose one of the others. Greece and Turkey tend to be cheap to eat out. But the Canaries can be expensive depending where you stay. My advice is work out what you will spend and then see if all inclusive is the best option. 

5. Is the resort/ country you want to visit good for kids?

As much as you might have loved raving in Malia or Ibiza before you had kids, your little ones will not be impressed by wild behaviour and late night parties. It is not just Ayia Napa and Ibiza, there are other lively places where you won't want to take them too. Double check before you book. Google is a godsend for these things. 

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