Five ways to keep kids entertained on a long journey


How can I keep my children occupied on the plane?

Whether you are on a single parent family holiday or just taking your children on a long trip, keeping kids entertained can be quite a big task. However if you make like a scout and be prepared you can enjoy a stress free journey by keeping them so busy they don't have time to get bored. Here's just a few ideas to help you on your way.

1. Keep the kids entertained with a portable DVD player                                

A portable DVD and a selection of their favourite films will keep kids happy on long journeys. If you are flying with a budget airline they usually don't have a on board film so it makes sense to bring a portable DVD player. If you haven't got one, it is definitely worth investing in one. You can pick them up for between £30-£75 on Amazon (see the links on the sidebar) and if you have two children, you can get the twin ones for around £70. We got ours when my little ones were in infants and we take them every time we fly. It keeps the kids entertained for ages. 

2.Books are perfect for keeping the kids quiet

We might be in the age of technology but you still can't go wrong with a good book. If your child has a favourite author get them a book by them before you go. If they are too young to read alone, why not share a story with them on the plane?

3.Magazines and activities are a fun way to keep kids entertained

For a few quid you can buy a magazine with loads of goodies in or an entertainment pack filled with puzzles and games. We have enjoyed many a good holiday with one of these. They are a great way to kill time at the airport before your flight or as a pass time on the plane.

4.Games consoles are ideal for entertaining kids on the plane 

If they have a Nintendo 3DS,a PSP or a Gameboy if they are retro then make sure you bring it on holiday. The batteries tend to last for ages on them and the time will pass a lot quicker if they have their favourite games to occupy them.

5.IPads will keep kids happy on long journeys

IPads and tablets have taken the world by storm and you can pick them up fairly cheap now. There was a girl sitting in front of us on the plane last time we went away and she had downloaded a whole load of films and games onto hers. These are the next best thing to those screens you have on long haul flights but the great thing is you can customise them to suit you. Even if your child is more into music than movies then they can listen to their favourite tunes while you chill out with your first holiday tipple. 

There's just a few to keep you going. Let me know if you can think of any more. Don't forget to like single parent holidays on facebook for all the latest single parent holiday deals.