Why you shouldn't copy content from your competitors' websites 

 Your website is essentially your online shop front and while copying content from your competitors' website might seem like a good idea, it could seriously damage your position on Google.  This is where a web content writer comes in.  

 When you hire a content writer  you get more than just good writing

Good web content writing doesn't just present your brand or business in the best possible light, it helps Google to find you. A good web content writer will be able to produce information for your site in an engaging and Google-friendly manner. Writing this kind of copy could take a person  who knows nothing about writing for the web days to do, but an experienced and knowledgeable content writer could do it in less than a few hours. 

Does SEO really matter for small basic websites?

It might seem silly to spend time and money finding a web content writer especially if you have an attractive and functional site. But unfortunately Google doesn't care how nice your website looks. It is just a robot. It only cares about what is on there. Google and other search engines work out what is on a site by what is written on there. Information like meta tags, keywords,articles, blogs and written information on the homepage and other site pages help Google to establish what your site is about and whether it is worth listing on its pages.

Sites that make the effort to tell Google what they are about by using relevant keywords tend to rank better on search engines. In simple terms, if your site is to show off your gardening services in Nottingham then some keywords might be Nottingham gardener, gardener in Nottingham, landscaper in Notts etc. However, to find the keywords that will get your site the most visitors from Google, it takes research. 

What else does a web content writer do?

A professional content writer finds the appropriate keywords for your site and weaves them into the text on your site. They do it in a natural and subtle style that doesn't interfere with the flow of the text. Well written content will engage the reader, present your business in the best light to visitors, and use words that Google likes (keywords) to help your site get onto the first page of Google faster. 

Why can't you just copy the text from your competitors' sites?

If you are offering similar services to your competitors it can be tempting to just copy and paste the information from their site. After all good content writing can take hours. However, Google HATES plagiarism and it will penalise your site for copied content. It will rank very low, if at all, and prospective customers will have trouble finding you which could cost you a lot of money in the long run. Unfortunately, Google considers copied information as spam, and once you have upset the Google bot it could take a long time (and a lot of work) for it to view your site as offering valuable information. It really isn't worth it. A website should be an asset to your business. It should attract new customers and impress existing ones.  How many times have you recommended a service you have used and told friends/family to check out their website? Often word of mouth recommendations like this result in instant orders but if they can't find your website they might not bother.

When you hire a content writer, you don't have to worry about plagiarism, choosing the wrong keywords, engaging customers or being a good writer. All you have to worry about is giving the best service from the business you are offering. You wouldn't present your shop front any old way, you would make sure it had a nice sign, an attractive display  that encourage customers to not just come in, but to stay. If you have this attitude towards your website, many more of your visitors will become paying customers. First impressions are everything, and as Elite Content Writers rates start at just £20, it is more affordable than ever to make the right impression on your customers. Order your web content today.

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