How to book a holiday

    How do I book a holiday?

Many people do not know how to book a holiday simply because they have never done it. However, although it is a little bit daunting, whether you are looking to book single parent holidays, a trip away with your friends or a short break, the process is the same. 

 How to book a holiday abroad

If you want to know how to book a holiday outside of the UK, the first thing you need to make sure of is that you have a valid passport. Most travel companies recommend that you have at least six months remaining on your passport from the date of travel. This is just to cover you in case there are any delays while you are away. It would be very difficult if not impossible to travel on a passport that is out of date. Adult passports are valid for ten years and you will need a birth certificate and someone to sign your photos to verify that is you. You can get the form from the post office. Children's passport are valid for five years and also require a counter signature. Usually teachers, doctors or your religious leader will do this for you. You can get passport forms for both adults and children from the post office.

Finding a single parent family holiday 

If you want to go on a single parent holiday with other lone parents then it is best to approach organisations like Gingerbread who offer these kinds of breaks. However if you are happy to book with a conventional travel company then you simply need to visit the website of the company you like, select the number of people who will be travelling and their ages, the accommodation you require be that self catering, room only, half board or all inclusive. If you want a certain amount of stars say minimum 3 or 2 then make sure you click that box too. Generally the more stars accommodation has the better the facilities. 

How to select extras like kids clubs 

There are usually boxes you can tick for things like kids holiday club, babysitting services, close to beach etc. This will help you choose one that suits your needs. It is worth sorting them in order of price. You can do this with the drop down menus.

Search for the holiday you require and once you are happy with the price, the hotel and the flights then click through the screens. It will let you add on transfers, insurance and any other extras you require.  Make sure items aren't pre-checked or you could end up paying for car hire, VIP lounges and all sorts. 

Finalising your booking

Once you are sure you have found the right hotel,flights and transfers then you can book your holiday. You will need the full name and details of everyone travelling. It is important to make sure all names are spelled correctly and personal details like birthdays are accurate. Any changes to these are chargeable so check, check and check again.

How do I book a holiday on the phone? 

If you are worried about booking online then most travel companies will allow you to make bookings over the phone. Just jot down the booking reference number or the name of the hotel, resort and dates you want to go. Call their number and let them arrange your holidays. If you do it this way they will often email you the details so you can make sure all names are spelled correctly and birthdays are right. Most online travel companies will expect you to pay all the money up front but there are some that will let you pay in instalments with a relatively low deposit. Love Holidays let you pay a deposit of around £49pp and choose a payment plan that suits you. They also don't charge extortionate premiums for single parent holidays so you won't have to sell your left arm to cover the cost. We traveled with them earlier this year and were very impressed with the hotel and resort.  So you know how to book a holiday you can begin the process. Click the palm tree below to go directly to Love Holidays website. 


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